Whitetail Deer Facts and Strategies

Whitetail Deer Facts and Strategies

Dennis Keller


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Dennis H. Keller, the author, has spent a good part of his life studying and hunting free-range whitetail deer in Pennsylvania. He also increased his knowledge of whitetail deer hunting through extensive research and attending seminars by experts in the field. Since there is a high density of hunters in Pennsylvania, it is more difficult to harvest a mature whitetail deer on a consistent basis. Increasing one's knowledge and hunting skill is of great importance no matter what state you hunt in. This book contains a wealth of information for hunters of all ages. To be a successful hunter, you need to have some knowledge and understanding of this magnificent animal. After all, it is the most sought-after wild game animal in the United States. There are no personal stories contained in this book. Its main purpose is to give the reader a lot of information so he or she can be a more successful whitetail deer hunter. This book is comprehensive and covers most aspects related to hunting and harvesting a mature whitetail deer. Some of the topics include preseason scouting techniques, tree stand preparation, telling the difference between a buck and a doe track, hunting strategies, October lull, the rut, trail camera setups, deer diseases, establishing food plots, scent control, hunter safety, various meat preparations, antler scoring, etc. You will benefit from reading this book. Your confidence will increase, and if you follow the keys to killing a nice buck listed in this book, success is almost guaranteed. Good luck hunting!