Tossed into the Deep End

Tossed into the Deep End

Rona Frye


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After reading Rona’s stories about life on the road, you will come away from this book a changed person. Her stories will stretch your mind and heart, and make you realize what can happen when you leave no stone unturned on the road of life.


Rona Frye:
Rona Frye hails from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, in the heart of the Midwest and a very thriving small town. She grew up living in the woods, rivers, and nature, which created a deep love and comfort in the outdoors. Being free equaled happiness, while married life, doing what everyone else was doing, felt lonely like ‘Groundhog Day.’ When she could walk out the door as a kid and not come back until she was hungry, that feeling of freedom and immersion in nature and exploration fed her spirit, As she peeled away the layers of the life she was leading after her kids were raised and her marriage was dead, she decided to change everything up, toss to the curb all that did not serve her highest good, and go on the road. She took off for parts unknown to discover herself and her world. There was no plan, just a calling to open up to whatever showed up. This nomadic journey took fourteen years of twists and turns, joy, and pain but most of all the realization that she was unafraid to face the unknown, uncertainty, and go solo. Her childhood taught her to be resilient and to depend on herself alone for strength and guidance. She birthed a highly successful interior decorating business, raised three beautiful children, earned a top-secret clearance from the U.S. government through military intelligence work, drove through all of Mexico all the way down Central America to a caretaking gig in the jungle, faced every uncomfortable moment with curiosity and the knowing that she would always come out on top, and authored books about what she learned through studying people, places, and lifestyles.