Tyne and Weird

Tyne and Weird

Rob Kilburn


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‘Since man uttered his first word he has been telling stories for entertainment, to serve as warnings and to simply pass the time’Huddled up against the end of Hadrian’s Wall, the county of Tyne and Wear is known for its wealth of historical sites, for castles, the Venerable Bede, and stotty cakes. But did you know about Sunderland’s brush with the greatest liar on earth, or the widespread mesmerism of the Victorian era? And what’s the connection with all these Americans?This is an eclectic collection of local characters and historical oddities, of short (and tall) tales that perfectly illustrate just how weird Tyne and Wear can truly be.


Rob Kilburn:
ROB KILBURN has always been interested in the unusual, from his taste in film, music and podcasts to the content he creates. He has directed short documentaries on local topics such as parkour, graffiti, paranormal investigations and a zoo that existed in the '70s where a girl was mauled by a tiger. He created and runs the Tyne and Weird Facebook page which has over 4,600 followers. The page focuses on strange history, lore and urban legends from the county. He also work with artists to commission unique works with iconic local themes. He lives in Fulwell, Tyne and Wear.