Finding Life In Between

Finding Life In Between

A Journal For Me…To You

Candy Leigh


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Finding Life In Between is the powerful story of one woman, struggling in survival mode, who took to heart that when nothing was certain, anything was possible. After finding herself unemployed and emotionally and physically healing from some of life's major interruptions, Candy decided to get in her car and drive south to somewhere, anywhere. Her goal was to step away from her day-to-day life, study human connection, and share her findings about the stories of others. The Universe, however, had other plans. The journey of looking outward actually became a long, reflective voyage inward, resulting in stories and lessons born out of the beautiful imperfections of real life. The chapters are a sharp, vulnerable display of the raw realities of modern womanhood, and the grace and compassion that we all need to move from fear to freedom, from survival into thriving. The stories within these pages offer the opportunity for all of us to go on our own journeys of vulnerability and self-discovery. As you dive into the intimate and powerful "in between" moments within the chapters, you may find yourself laying claim to your own authentic truths about self-love and worthiness. This book is an invitation for you to find beauty in your own gloriously imperfect journey, to open your arms and come home to yourself. "We are all beautifully created to live our own authentic lives . . . Be courageous. Love yourself enough to chase the life you’re dreaming of."


Candy Leigh:
Candy Leigh lives in Southeastern Wisconsin and is the president and owner of Action Consulting, LLC. She spent the majority of her career in the financial services industry for a Fortune 500 company, most notably developing diversity and inclusion leadership programs and also consulting for sales executives and leaders across the nation. After a successful corporate career she decided to branch out on her own to pursue her dream of writing and consulting with individuals, encouraging all people to stand in their truth and create their own narratives. Candy believes that when we can honestly share our authentic selves in safe spaces, not only do we show up as better employees/spouses/partners, we ultimately open ourselves up to leading more fulfilling lives. Her personal mission is to help and motivate women to stand in their truth and live authentic lives. After growing up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Candy completed her undergraduate degree in public relations and organizational communication at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. She went on to receive her master of arts in communication from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, where she taught interpersonal communication and studied cultural communication with a focus on gender identity and conflict resolution. She is a certified coach and a certified trainer, and also holds certifications in mediation and negotiation and change management. She is the mother of three children and two long-haired miniature dachshunds, Charlie Girl and T-Rex. When she is not with her family, she is often traveling to visit her “framily” (friends who are family) around the United States and in England. Candy is a retired rollergirl, former triathlete and half-marathoner, avid yoga enthusiast, Double Stuff Oreo lover, and self-proclaimed goddess of her own untamed and beautifully imperfect life.